The American Indian “Chanco”

ChancoOn March 22, 1622, a young native and recent convert to Christianity was able to warn the Jamestown colony of an impending Indian attack.  Historian Robert Howison records:

“A young Indian convert named Chanco lived with Richard Pace, and was treated by him with all the tenderness of a son. The brother of this native slept with him the night before the massacre and urged him to kill his master, telling him that he intended that fate for his own. But the young Christian recoiled with horror from the proposal and the next day informed Mr. Pace, who instantly despatched an express to Jamestown.  Thus the principal settlement was alarmed, guns and swords were made ready and the natives ventured not to make an assault.”*

A marker with the date was placed in Jamestown memorializing Chanco’s heroism, which is another lost episode in American history.

<strong>Read and Reflect</strong>:  Read Ezekiel 33:1-5 and reflect on the role of the “watchman” and compare it to Chanco’s actions on behalf of the Jamestown settlement.

<strong>Prayer</strong>: Father, we thank you for the spiritual watchmen in our lives who have warned us of the designs of the Enemy and the danger to our souls.  We pray for our pastors, who function as the “Watchmen on the Walls” of our community.  May they faithfully sound the alarm from their pulpits at the threats to faith, family and freedom.  Empower us to be watchmen for our family members, neighbors, and colleagues, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

<strong>*Source Citation</strong>: Robert R. Howison, ed., <em>A History of Virginia From Its Discovery and Settlement by Europeans to the Present</em>, 2 vols., (Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1846), 1:235.

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