Separation of Church and State Course with Participant Workbooks

New “Lost Episodes” about  Thomas Jefferson!  Now you, your family, and  friends can learn the truth about Thomas Jefferson and where “Separation of Church and State” actually came from.  This single phrase has had more affect on America than perhaps any other political idea in the last 75 years.  Purchase this excellent Lost Episodes course by Dr. Kenyn Cureton.   Discover the truth about “Separation of Church and State” and how it was originally intended to help America experience God’s blessing while protecting us from government sponsored religion. This  video course is available as a DVD or instant DOWNLOAD.  The course includes 50 page participant workbooks and is ideal for church and small group use.  To view a Lost Episodes Sample video CLICK HERE.

Lost Episodes: Separation of Church and State DVD

Lost Episodes: Separation of Church and State DVD with workbooks

Hello, I’m Dr. Kenyn Cureton. Thank you for exploring Lost Episodes in American History. I’m excited to tell you about our first video course:  ‘SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE?’

Dr. Kenyn Cureton, Creator of Lost Episodes in American HistoryDr. Kenyn Cureton, Creator of Lost Episodes in American History

On this DVD or video download with workbooks, you will find three unforgettable episodes about Thomas Jefferson and the infamous phrase “Separation of Church and State”. Ever wonder why Separation of Church and State is such a big deal today? In this DVD Course, you‘ll find out! The FIRST EPISODE on this DVD is entitled “Church at the U.S. Capitol”.  In it you will discover how Thomas Jefferson and many other presidents attended Sunday church services at the U.S. Capitol of all places! This episode is sure to raise many questions in viewers minds. Why would the president best known for separation of church and state, be enthusiastically attending church at the most famous government building in the world?   Be sure all participants have a copy of a Lost Episodes Participant Workbook so they can participate fully in discussions following each episode. In the SECOND EPISODE: “The Letter that Trumphs the Constitution”, you’ll learn important details about the actual document where the phrase “separation of church and state” first appeared. And it’s not the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights! Again, after viewing, utilize the workbook for a lively discussion. In the THIRD EPISODE: “The Day the Supreme Court Made a U-Turn” you will learn how ‘the letter” became the law of the land in one of the most infamous decisions in U.S. Supreme Court history. This episode is a bit longer than the others and the final discussion can be broken up into parts based on the timeframe of your meeting(s). Please understand that our whole purpose in producing Lost Episodes in American History is to not only educate people on important parts of American History that are not taught in public schools, but also to inspire each person to get involved in the history making process. In the final few minutes of the video, we highlight several examples of Christians who prayed, and followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do something that really changed their local community for the better. We hope that these Lost Episodes will help you and your friends do the same. Together, as the Lord leads, we all can write the next episode in American History. God bless you as you embark on this journey! For Lost Episodes, I’m Dr. Kenyn Cureton.   To view a Lost Episodes Sample video CLICK HERE.


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