Lost Episode for November 22

On November 22, 1800, President John Adams gave his Fourth Annual Address to Congress, which began the first session in the new Capitol building in Washington, D.C. President Adams declared: “I congratulate the People of the United States on the assembling of Congress at the permanent seat of their Government… “It would be unbecoming the representatives of this nation to assemble for the first time in this solemn temple without looking up to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and imploring His blessing. “May this territory be the residence of virtue and happiness! In this city may that piety and virtue, that wisdom and magnanimity, that constancy and self-government, which adorned the great character whose name it bears be forever held in veneration! Here and throughout our country may simple manners, pure morals, and true religion flourish forever!”* President John Adams’ blessing over the Capitol building and the Capital city that bears the name of George Washington, the Father of our Country, is another lost episode in American history. Read and Reflect: Read 1 Kings 8:1-24 and reflect on the dedication of the Temple and compare that with this dedication of the United States Capitol by President Adams. Prayer: Father, we praise you for this Founding Father and our forbearers who thought it proper to pray a prayer of dedication over our Capitol. *Source Citation: James D. Richardson, ed., A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, 11 vols. (Washington, D.C.: Bureau of National Literature 1907-1910), 1:250.

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