Did We Get Separation of Church and State Right?

Did We Get Separation of Church and State Right? In the years since the 1947 Court handed down that monumental decision, the “Wall of Separation” has become text and verse for the belief that the First Amendment separated God from government. The logical result is that all religious influences must be removed from public institutions. On that false foundation, the Supreme Court outlawed public prayer in the schools in 1962. In 1963, out went public Bible reading from public schools. In 1980, down came the 10 Commandments from school house walls! Since 1947, the Courts, not only are applying a complete misunderstanding of the “Wall of Separation of Church and State” as the standard for how to handle the expression of faith in public life, but they are also trashing 400 years of America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage and the original intent of the Founding Fathers who framed the First Amendment. So the Courts have America on a big U-Turn, and now we are going down the wrong road, based on bad history, guided by flawed sources, leading to unbearable public policy, resulting in a loss of religious liberty, and ultimately contributing to cultural ruin.

Yet the original intention of Framers of the First Amendment was at the same time to guard against the establishment of one particular Christian denomination over the others, and to guarantee the free expression of our faith in public. The Court that did a U-Turn in the opposite direction away from this original intention is yet another lost episode in American History.
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